My goal is to provide coordinated, effective, and personalized psychological care.  My approach to treatment combines elements of empirically-supported (research based) cognitive and behavioral psychological interventions, within the context of a sensitive and interactive therapeutic alliance.

  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Group Psychotherapy
  • School Consultation/Advocacy

I strive to create a safe and affirming space for exploration of sexuality and gender in children, teens, and young adults. I am increasing my understanding of the intersex community to be able to provide appropriate care. 


I am available to make school observations, consult with teachers and/or special education departments, develop

504 plans, and attend SST/MTSS or IEP meetings.  ***I do not conduct psychoeducational/psychological evaluations***


I see clients by appointment only. Please call the office (706-548-8697) to receive an email with our electronic paperwork. You can sign and return everything to us confidentiality by email. After your insurance has been verified, we will make an appointment for you or your child.  I will need to schedule an initial appointment to learn the nature of your concerns and gain any needed background history.  If you would like to schedule a parent-only session with Dr. Abelkop to provide sensitive background history, please notify the receptionists that you want to have a parent-only first session.  For children, please bring any paperwork from the school or any previous psychological evaluations.  

Your first appointment: 
Please arrive for your first appointment promptly at your scheduled appointment time.  Sign in at the front desk with your name and indicate that you are seeing Dr. Abelkop.  Shortly thereafter, I will call you (and your child) back for the first session.  After introductions, you will have a chance to talk about your concerns.  I will ask specific questions about you or your child's background history, history of previous treatment, current problems, current medications, interests and strengths, and any recent stressors.  Through discussion, you and I will establish treatment goals for yourself or your child.  Confidentiality and the limits of confidentiality will be reviewed.  At the conclusion of the hour long session, I will state my treating diagnosis and offer recommendations for the frequency of sessions.  You are welcome and encouraged to ask questions, offer suggestions, provide input, and share your ideas about how treatment might work best for you and/or your child.

Email Policy:
Email is not a secure form of communication to discuss confidential information.  Please be mindful when emailing Dr. Abelkop.  To protect your sensitive information, she uses Gsuite- a HIPPA compliant email platform and occasionally uses Virtru, an email encryption and authentication program. You are welcome to use initials when referring to a child.  Given the nature of email, you should not use email when you are in a crisis or have an emergency.

Phone Policy:
Established clients may have the need to call the office outside of a regularly scheduled appointment.  The office accepts calls on Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.  Please leave a message with the front desk and I will try to return calls as soon as possible.  I usually limit out of session phone calls to 15 minutes.  Let's schedule another session if you have the need for more in-depth discussion.

Rescheduling and Canceling Appointments:
If you have the need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please call as soon as possible or at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.  We will be happy to reschedule with you.  If you are a no-show and do not call to explain your absence, you will be charged for the missed appointment. 

If you have a psychological or mental health emergency during the day or night, please call 911 or the state of GA crisis line 1-800-715-4225
Advantage Behavioral Health Services 1-800-715-4225  or Suicide hotline1-800-273-8255.  You can also text the word HOME to 741741.


Licensed Psychologist